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Thursday, 15 December 2016

It is in the works a new translation of the erotic novel lesbian Gia Van Rollenoof "From Gia's Hat".
Meanwhile, you can use the Google translator to read extracts of it in Italian, here.

Friday, 24 June 2016


A passage from the Lesbian Erotic Saga

by Gia Van Rollenoof

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Monday, 20 June 2016


A passage from the Lesbian Erotic Saga
by Gia Van Rollenoof

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Saturday, 11 June 2016

The Tantalus Torment

Taken from the Act 1° of the Lesbian Erotic Romance

«From Gia’s Hat».

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Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Who is Gia

"From Gia's Hat"
The Lesbian Erotic Novels

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Saturday, 14 May 2016


Look inside the lesbian erotic novel
FROM GIA’S HAT Act 1°: Scent of Female
Kindle and E-pub format, 
reading on the iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Android, Desktop.

… it had already spent an hour or so since they had begun to devote to their extravagant, fluid effusions. Diligent to observe the dictates which excluded the possibility of having orgasms, already dry, completely naked, they resumed their clothes and, embraced, moved away to sit on other large stone slabs, which was dry. «Gia, now it will be better that we put the clothes on; we’ve already risked much. In any case, there is no doubt that we have really become two beautiful piglets; is so pleasant to roll together in our perfumed trough, it’s true love?» observed Nourhan, very cheerful for the unusual fun that they had enjoyed.
While the wife was going to wear her panties, from light fabric, almost impalpable, Gia: «Always, we’ve been of the cute sluts, Nourhan! It’s just that we did not know to be it; slut, I mean, and not attractive. About piglets, please, you wait a minute before wearing panties, and you give it to me: I give back it to you in a moment, come on!».
«But they’re still wet and soaked of my vaginal secretions… of what, for me, it is my cum for you! I am ashamed» she said, feigning a reluctance which sure, she did not feel; however, laughing, handed them to her.
Looking into the eyes her wife, she brought it to her nostrils inhaling the smell, and then to her mouth to lick it slowly just where they were still wet of her vaginal secretions. Therefore, continuing to look at her with intensity, replied: «That’s why I want them: I love to death the smell of your cunt, slut of my heart; to the point that, as someone more famous than me said, I would like to be your “Tampax”[1], to live inside your pussy».
In that cheeky skirmish, Nourhan pretended to be disappointed: «There, you see! Since when you told me that, before you leave home, you took from clothes hamper my panties used to bring it with you and later, occasionally, in great intimacy, you went to sniff it, even to me came a great desire to do the same with yours. And now, how I can get this? You don’t wear panties almost ever!».
«Now, however, they’re just as you have craved: drenched and fragrant than me, that more it wouldn’t be possible. Here, take it, love» ended Gia, throwing her the culottes.
After that brief fetish practice, Nourhan: «Now it will be better if we wear it, Gia; our panties will be one more barrier not to lead us to sin too... although if there is nothing more beautiful than this your apple of sin!» she finished cheeky, filling the palm of own hand of her meaty vulva through her culottes.
«You must stand firm with this your mischievous, assassin little hand; who, otherwise, I don’t guarantee how this story will end up» she replied, laughing, simulating first to retreat, and then collaborating with her, leaning forward toward her with the pelvis, with the aim to offer better the own vagina to her hand.
After which, approached more with her vulva leaning forward and pressed to hers, she clutched her at her breast. Finally, Gia squeezed loud her female to herself, grabbing her by the buttocks. The vulva of one glued against the thigh of the other, they kissed each other; between a rubbing flesh against flesh, and a kiss, Nourhan: «Together, we form a beautiful couple, don’t you, Gia? Also aesthetically: milk and barley, just like the cappuccino that you like to take in the morning... and that for me, a fanatic of Arabic coffee, it is really disgusting!» she joked.
«Me too; I like coffee, but alone, without sugar and milk... or corrected with grappa, as well as to many of my fellow citizens from Veneto like to drink it in the morning. Concerning us, what you say it is true, my love; however, from what I know, soon I will be like a white comfit surrounded by three delicious milk chocolates filled with delicious nectar» she replied allusive, while she was licking a finger of her hand that had pulled out of the wife’s vagina, to bring it to her lips, to taste her stringy, pearly secretion.
«And you have to be sure that we’ll let ourselves eat from you, and that... we will eat you».
Regained their control, when they had finished dressing, Gia asked her: «Do you want us to return to our beloved web chat, love? Of what we want to remember, do you have any idea in particular?».
«You bet, Gia; with all the good memories that we have, we just have to be spoiled for choice. Do you remember when, in Venice with you, to make me understand the real meaning of our pleasure to whip us mutually, told you me to Brunhilde? That story had me very intrigued, and it excites me even now. Come on; you speak to me again of it; maybe you’ll remember other details that I don’t know yet». Due to its ability fairy-tale, Gia would have been a great mother; Nourhan always listened with great pleasure her romantic and love stories, that often they were only about sex. And she felt no jealousy. Reinforced by her expression of impatient waiting, Gia began…
«Think, love, when I told her my stories of when I was a child, stories that you know, the one on the game of doctor, do you know what she proposed to me? She asked me: «Gia, come on, we too do the same thing, now! How much I would like, instead of in the bathtub, as we’re used to, if you could make pee on me under the stairs of building: the emotion that would take us because of the fear of being discovered, it should be of an extreme lust!».
And there was no way to change her mind, do know you, Nourhan? So that she did not give me more stress, it ended that I have satisfied her cravings. She wanted to do this in broad daylight, but since…  (It continues in the novel).

[1] Tampax is a well-known brand of female sanitary napkins. According to the tabloid press, the famous phrase, intercepted by the secret services, it would have been uttered by Prince Charles at the alleged lover Camilla.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016


I am pleased to announce I have finally finished the translation from Italian into English of the first act of the saga "From Gia's Hat - Scent of a Woman", a novel of 400 pages, never boring, to be read in one breath.
To thank the loyal followers of my blog, throughout the month of May 2016, instead of at the price of 3.99 €, the novel can be purchased at € 1.99.
Happy reading, and if you like it, you do not forget to write your review. Thank you all!
Yours Gia

Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Look inside the lesbian erotic novel
FROM GIA’S HAT Act 1°: Scent of Female
Kindle and E-pub format, 
reading on the iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Android, Desktop.

… «I too am hungry of your; ok, we get up to a flying start! But not as you did before, when, only for one hair you did not do me coming. Now, you go serenely in licking my pussy; but you have to do it with caution Gia: do you know, what are the risks that we can run, right? And now, come on, my lioness, as you say, you can “devour” me now, that your hot meal is ready again... and also with the sauce included! And then let’s see if we’re able to complete the alphabet at least once, from “A” to “Z”». “Complete the alphabet” for them had a very precise meaning: it indicated the movements to give to the tongue, which simulated the shape of characters, so that the vagina could be lapped for twenty-six times, always in a different way and direction, and without neglecting any part of it, from the perineum up to the clitoris. Normally, before reaching orgasm, especially in the sixty-nine position, between moans and cries, the two women were able to hold out for ten cycles».
Gia kept her word, and she behaved with great moderation. After had cleaned Nourhan thoroughly, the two women placed themselves in opposite position to each other, and, licking mutually, limiting themselves to a single alphabetical cycle, they went satisfying their palates with the reciprocal, savory flavors.
Returning to tie Gia between the two trees, while she was about to resume in torturing her, Nourhan: «I think soon we should do a dip in the water, do you know, Gia?» said, feeling very hot; then, she began to whip her breasts, calmly and methodically, by taking pleasure in seeing them fluctuate. When she did realize that continuing she would have left marks on her body, who would not be disappeared in the time of one hour, she asked: «And your sweet ass, Gia, do we’ve to leave it with the craving, the unhappy? If you want, now, I’ll paint it a little bit, and later, when, from the water we will return to the shore, you’ll do it to me; but I want the cane even on my pussy. Thus, this “undisciplined” will calm down a little bit».
«Who is it that do you want to cheat, beautiful joy? Your cunt will not be at all sorry... I know how you like to feel the cunt on fire! If you want, I can do it with great pleasure, but you must be careful, though: in fact, feeling your pussy on fire, you could come without even realize it» commented Gia, laughing. Then she encouraged her: «Listen, honey, if you gave me only five more shots, this would amount to nothing, and since my ass still don’t protest too much, we make thirty in all, come on! You know, that I love to see you perky».
«You’re a love, Gia: really!» said Nourhan, almost moved.
When she had finished beating her, the two lovers, finally, set about doing what they had agreed earlier, namely, the so-called “substitute gratification orgasmic”. On the fragrant grass, both in the same direction, to kiss each other with the bladder full to burst, they stayed as long as possible to feel the warm touch of their vulvas to kissing mutually. Finally, as if they were one flesh, the two women liberated themselves in profusion, in a micturition which lasted a lot. During that liberating act, Gia: «Oh God! Nourhan: I’m coming like crazy now!».
She misunderstood, and, in a gasp of anguish: «Gia! No! What are you doing? Do you want to fail? Stop, please: you have to control yourself!».
«Don’t worry, love... it’s just the satisfaction that comes to me to free myself, and fill your “ciccina” while I feel mine that is invaded by your pee so nicely hot. You were right, do you know? It was almost like a real orgasm!».
«Thank God! I was worried, do you know? You really are a fool: you scared me! If you knew how intensely I hear you, my love: I feel my “patatina” being filled by you: and I think... even into my uterus, do you know? How I wish that, instead of pee, it was of cum your, my love! What I want most in my life is to get pregnant from you».
Later, drank other water in abundance, the two women dived into the pond; after a brief swim and some free diving, which inevitably ended with the head of one, or the other, between the respective bare thighs, they continued to play and joking in the water. Embrace, they huddled all the time, exchanging, meanwhile, of the shameless caresses; so, instead of becoming calmer, their libido grew even more. Go up on the pier, again very hotly, Gia resorted to their erotic game, alternative to coitus: «Already in the water, although my pussy was boiling, due to the cool I felt the urge to pee, love; do you want to take advantage of this?» she suggested, mischievous.
«Why: would you want to waste it, perhaps? I couldn’t ever forgive this to you, sweetie! It is a providence that...  (It continues in the novel).

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Look inside the lesbian erotic novel
FROM GIA’S HAT Act 1°: Scent of Female
Kindle and E-pub format, 
reading on the iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Android, Desktop.

…. As established before, not so much time later they changed roles, and then was Nourhan to prepare herself spiritually to feel shaking her flesh from the cane. Arranged on the grass in the same position taken first by her wife, as she bound her, she recommended: «Gia, don’t forget of my ciccina, do you know?».
Very cheerful for the great pleasure that soon she would get, she joked: «Do you speak of this pulpy fig that I see make its way up through this sweet ass cheeks... to which, in a little time, I will devote my loving attentions?».
She could not give up taking the opportunity to get back in the good-natured skirmishes so beloved by both: «It is not a “fico”, but a “fica”[1]! You must not turn the beautiful things to boorish male gender, please... and especially if we’re talking about what is the best in the world».
«The best in the world! We are presumptuous, don’t you? You know how much I appreciate your; however, a bit of modesty would not suck». Gia had understood very well the meaning of her words, but the opportunity was too tempting to miss it.
«Stupid! I did not speak in detail of mine... not only, at least».
Placed sideways at her side, after finishing tying the wrists to her ankles using the usual Velcro, Gia filled the palm of her hand of her exuberant vagina, proudly prominently among the buttocks. Very turned on, she commented: «In the location where you are, you should see how it looks horny your cunt... that seems a delicious, fleshy fig, ready to be eaten with the peel».
A cheek to contact of grass, eyes fixed on Gia, languid in expectation of that particular pleasure that, while painful, was much loved by her, Nourhan took the opportunity to continue to tease her: «You will have to do without peel, sweetie... don’t you see that I’m shaved? You did it before: ah, my poor Gia; you see that, with age, your memory has gone to fuck off».
«With age! I’m only thirty-six, darling, just someone older than you! In any case, I said peel, and not fur, dear. However, after a few shots of the barrel, you will see how your cunt will look reddened and even skinned here and there» she threatened benevolently, exaggerating things. She continued: «To really, do you want that I go... freely as how I will feel to do, honey?».
«I’d want to see the opposite! It’s since yesterday that I dream this... even on the other little hole, know you?» finished Nourhan, with a sensual tone.
«If you’re glad, darling, for me it can only be a pleasure».
How was in the order of things, at the end of the well-liked punishment, it has been Gia to lie down on the bench to quench her thirst at the hot source of the wife.
Later, they both still sore because of the strokes of the cane, stretched out prone next to one another, with her mouth to two millimeters from that of her wife, stroking lightly her pale buttocks furrowed of red, softly, Nourhan asked: «Gia...».
«Love?». From intonation of her voice, she had already realized that another lustful thought was going through her head.
«Do you make it very badly? Here, I say» she specified, giving a resounding slap on her butt still burning.
«Ouch! It still hurts, yes, but I’m not sorry to feel this pleasant warmth; but, at least for a while, you don’t spank me more: and to you, hurts it, Nourhan?» she asked, returning the “courtesy”.
«On my boobs you went gracefully, and therefore, there, not much; but on the ass and cunt, I feel still much pain... and I don’t speak of the interior of the thighs, where, as your usual, you’ve been very passionate... they burn a lot:  but I’m nevertheless glad. Listen Gia, about what we said yesterday, around the various fisting that we traded in the Venetian lagoon, well, I feel to be in a high heat: I would have a craving...».
«You know we cannot do it, Nourhan». Her answer did not reflect precisely the cravings that her wife was soliciting into her.
«Yes and no, Gia».
«What do you mean, love?». Although worried, she became hopeful.
«This is not said... if we know to resist the occurrence of orgasm, nothing will prevent us to exchange of the tribbing among us. On the contrary, this would increase the sex drive that you will be able to free after your promise, and, for me, this will increase the craving to be fuck from...(Continues in novel).

[1] Fica, please note that in Italian, the word “Fico” is the common fruit; but in colloquial language, conjugated to the feminine, the term refers to the vagina, which, in the vernacular, is called “Fica”.

Friday, 15 April 2016


Look inside the lesbian erotic novel
FROM GIA’S HAT Act 1°: Scent of Female
Kindle and E-pub format, 
reading on the iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Android, Desktop.

… That said, the two women resumed their walk toward the pond; as they walked, Nourhan: «I don’t have never asked this to you, but tell me, how come are you so gluttonous for the chocolate Gia?».
She could not waive to tease her: «And to you, why do you like so much to fuck?».
Is not possible say that they were not in tune; in fact, without resentment she replied: «Gia; fuck off! You cannot answer a question by making another; stupid!».
«Well, Nourhan, it is not just to take the piss out you, which I have responded in this way: for starters, you cannot deny that chocolate is delicious... although not as the pussy; moreover, as you can imagine knowing me, there is one more reason, and in any case, this is linked to the “passerina”. In fact, the chocolate increases dopamine[1], which, during its release thanks to sex, does get stellar the orgasm».
«Well, it would be even better if, before to fuck, you would do indigestion oyster. In fact, they contain a high percentage of zinc, which appreciably increases the way of functioning of hormones and testosterone, thus favoring a most rewarding sexual performance» replied Nourhan, smiling.
«But you think about! And I, that I was convinced that I liked so much them because, by dissolving in the mouth, they remind me the consistency perceived when we’re feeding ourselves with the best delicacy of the world: the pussy. And this especially when the tongue wanders, getting lost in its deep, fragrant meanders. I notice that you’re very skilled in this matter, Nourhan».
«Deep meanders! Not even it was a chasm, a dark, frightening tunnel! What a way to express themselves, Gia! This style is not suited to you, writer of my boots» she commented with a laugh.
Still intrigued by the story told of wife about the erotic activities which usually were taking place in the Community, with the desire that never left her for a moment, Gia asked: «Honey, on the subject of sex, in addition to the spiritual exercises, what are the other practices in use in the Community? Naturally, I refer to those that we have never experienced among us».
«Gia, in this, our Mother was categorical; she desires that you discover it gradually; and not through words, but experiencing it in person, so, I cannot tell it to you. If you want to, however, I can recount to you something that she said to me, and that not even I understood it».
«And tell me, what are you waiting?».
«Well, you know that when we do sex together, among other things, we like to penetrate us very deeply; and...».
Gia interrupted: «But this is not big news; also we do this. I think that you’re referring to the various vaginal and anal fisting that we love dispense among us: is this, Nourhan?».
«More, Gia... much more; especially with Nahed: petite as is, she knows how to give you of the sensations of the other world; and you’ll see, she likes to do it a lot» immediately she regretted to have prematurely brought the discourse on sister.
At first surprised, but immediately intrigued, Gia stopped; recalled by the tantalizing words of Nourhan, in her mind alternated eidetic images of them while they were busy in the boldest and shameless sexual practices. In the throes of a growing excitement, very near in front of her, her lips almost touching hers, sensual as lascivious, she observed: «Much more? Than ever could be more if, in the same way of like I do with you, your hand enter into me with all your little fist, and sometimes even beyond the wrist, love... and this, not only into the vagina but also into the “B-side”?». That thought was so overwhelming that she felt the effect of the desire goes beyond the thin fabric of panties, for then drip down her thighs.
With a hint of malice, without looking down from her eyes, wife lifted her short skirt: hand ran, slight, right there, where she had the confirmation of what she had foreseen. Then she put her fingers in her mouth and, still watching her, provocative, as she sucked them with satisfaction, she did not relent from maintaining her reserve: «Mm... you’re delicious this morning; it will be that the protracted abstinence improves your flavor! In any case, Gia, please, don’t insist; in this way, you put me in trouble with my conscience! However, do you want to know what Rashida said Rashida about you on that occasion?».
«You must excuse me, honey; but you also have to understand me: it’s from two days that I cannot take it anymore! Come on, tell me; I promise that I will not be intrusive».
They resumed walking. Nourhan: «Thank you, love; in short, one morning you were out, and, from your home in Venice, I was on the phone with Rashida, among other things, at one point she told me...
‘Nourhan, when you and Gia will be at the oasis, you will not have to be surprised if between your wife and Nahed it happens something miraculous; do you remember when, in love, one of us says a phrase like, “I want to be inside of you with all me”, or, “I want you inside me... all!”. Well, I had a vision, and, between them this will be more of a dream... and I’m not referring to a fisting, of course’.
And after she added...
‘Prepare yourself spiritually, sweetheart, because, before long, you and me, we will have to suffer; but we will accept this with serenity, for the love that we bring to our wives.
You know, Gia, to the idea of losing you, I was burst out crying. Such was my sadness, which I have never spoken of this to you.
«Love, what are you saying? Losing me? If it is just by so the little time that I have found you! Never, I will leave you; and you don’t must nevermore more talk about what... do you want to make me cry too?».
«Don’t take it so Gia; I know you love me, and that your feeling is sincere. About what Rashida said to me, frankly, I don’t have understood the true meaning, Gia; what I know, however, is that Rashida never wrong. You should be aware that she cannot never sleep continually, and every time she wakes up, her wife has to get busy for bringing her again at the sleep... and you understand in what way, right? Well, between a fuck and the other, in that brief sleep, sometimes she has visions, and her prophecies come true punctually. In any case, I also know that my little Nahed, which we like to call “our beloved little child”, never, she would give me pain, and that if something happens, it will be without that someone loses anything».
Not knowing what to think, Gia remained surprised; however, she did not insist on asking of else, and, embraced, they continued to walk down the path to the pond.
When at last the two women arrived, Gia remained fascinated by the beauty of the place. The surface of the pond, precisely because not so vast, it offered, to the eyes and mind, very suggestive scenery: in all its breadth it was possible to see the shores that descended toward the water in a gentle slope. As her wife had told, the vegetation was lush, and the willows were to send their branches to kissing the water lilies.
Going towards the shore, very inspired, Nourhan exclaimed: «How many memories, here! Of when I was married to Rashida, I mean. We were coming here very often, do you know Gia? Especially when at the Oasis also arrived Nahed; we came here to be alone sometimes. Not because she gave annoyance to us, Gia, but, you can understand, one thing, is to have sex in three every night for then sleep together; and another is to have a little bit of privacy between spouses. At the time, before she married Rashida, she did not have a girlfriend, and, you understand... (Continue in the novel).

[1] Dopamine, it works by endogenous neurotransmitter by activation of specific receptors; it is produced in different areas of the brain by stimuli that produce motivation and reward, such as sex, good food, water, or it is produced by artificial stimuli such as drugs, but also listening to music. This also applies to moderate pain (sadomasochistic practices). Accumulated from the above, the release of dopamine enhances pleasure perceived by the brain. Taken and adapted from Wikipedia.

Monday, 11 April 2016


Look inside the lesbian erotic novel
FROM GIA’S HAT Act 1°: Scent of Female
Kindle and E-pub format, 
reading on the iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Android, Desktop.

… At the origin of their last talk, there was a definite existential choice of Gia...
“Nobody, in the world, knows how to make me enjoy like me”, she often repeated to herself, as to the lovers. For this reason, she was convinced it was a precise duty of every person masturbate at least once a day; and this, for a respectful and grateful tribute to own body, able, thanks to sex, to donate a lot of serenity, comfort, and delight.
Another thing she always said was: «Whether you have a lover or not, you have yourself: and this, in every moment of your life. The orgasm is like a tender shoot, a little plant, which must be loved and cared for, without denying to it that water of which every day it needs». And again: «If we take care of our bodies doing gymnastics, even our genitals need to be exercised with frequent regularity».
When someone of her lovers, with contempt, she called “Onanism” the masturbation, immediately, Gia caught fire; beginning with an angry: «As well as an idiot and bigoted, you’re also ignorant!». Then, to the unfortunate woman, she explained that the term “Onanism” does not refer to masturbation, but to coitus interruptus; then, vehemently, she was going to criticize the Catholic Church, responsible, according to her, to have deprived the people of the serenity, making guilty what, instead, it is an expression of sexuality which has an equal dignity of the others human emotions, which is absolutely normal, and for that it is a right of everyone. Pissed beyond measure, when the opportunity presents itself, approximately she claimed: «I should sue the Catholic Church for all the “comings” of which I have had to give up, especially after puberty, when, so young, the pleasure is so intense».
And so, just a few days after their wedding, she introduced her wife to that practice of which she gave so much importance; moreover, she believed it very useful, in addition to the psychophysical balance, also to get better acquainted with each other.
Generally, they were fulfilling to that practice in the afternoon, before the nap, and this in according to the protocol that Gia had defined. Namely, they were lying beside without ever touching each other except, occasionally, to bring the hand wet, from own vagina, to the mouth of the spouse; and this, to make her enjoy of own vaginal secretion. That was the only physical contact that the two women allowed themselves. At first, they undertook to make the pleasure last as long as possible, and, after the first orgasm, they enjoyed many others of them; and this, until when the last of them was emptying the two women of any residual craving. Later, exhausted, they fell asleep embraced, for later, on awakening, enjoy at least another orgasm; but, unlike before, together, joined in an intense copula...(It continues in the novel).