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Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Look inside the lesbian erotic novel
FROM GIA’S HAT Act 1°: Scent of Female
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... and it was in one of those encounters, that at first you surprised me, for later unleash an overwhelming joy in my heart: you asked my hand, my love, asked me in marriage! And I agreed, with such happiness, that I felt my heart burst with the joy! I believe that ours has been the first marriage that took place in the web chat, my soul.
I still remember our beautiful wedding dress: the long white socks to cover our legs to mid-thigh, the long white gloves to climb over the forearm, on the head the bridal veil to fall on the bare back, and nothing other. Oh God, how I felt in love, moved, with my moist eyes that went to yours, to your mouth, to your dark, mysterious curly bush that peeked, graceful, between white of the garter! In the presence of the beautiful females intervened to act as witnesses, to the question that we turned to each other, “Do you want Gia/Nourhan to marry me?”. The answer was shouted out in the orgasm that we procured to each other… how beautiful it was! We were both standing erect, very close: one hand to squeeze one udder, and the other side to caress gently the inside of the thighs and vagina of the other, while we look into the eyes. After a time that was very long and suave, arrived at the climax, among the moans of pleasure, in unison, we repeatedly shouted, “Yes, I want it... I come! With you, my love!”. How nice it was to see your expression in one ecstasy that was not only of the meat but also of the soul. After that, we hugged and shook, our soft breasts were fused, our cunts exchanged the sacred incense of the orgasms, and, our tongues intertwined, we exchange a long, deep kiss. Do you remember the joyful cheers and encouragement of our fascinating witnesses?
In the midst of applause, I raised you on my arms, brought you into the bedroom, and I laid you on the white sheets, where we consumed once again the love in the most classic of the positions: that of the missionary[1]. It was as if we wanted to take us in a renewed ideal virginity, to seal our eternal union. My infinite joy: for how long we plowed our fields drenched! The intercourse was at once unleashed, suave, and we did not want to come, but despite it went on for nearly an hour, in the end, it has been inevitable.
Then, holding hands, coming out of the bedroom, we were happy to see that, in the lounge, also my young witnesses had rejoiced: for join in spirit to the two of us, they had sex repeatedly, without of selfish and ungenerous torque distinctions. And the same it was also for your witnesses, the Middle Eastern sisters, across the sea, in this beautiful oasis where we are now. As soon as you enter the salon, at first, our attention was attracted by the four young women naked, which, still enveloped with each other, they have given to our eyes the image of an extremely lubricious carnal apotheosis; then, the attention of us all was attracted by groans and howls coming from the big computer monitor: not yet satisfied, in video-chat, your sisters continued to celebrate, performing in a new copula, a beautiful, sensual, tribbing[2]».
Was Nourhan, to continue in the memory: «At the end of their tribbing, came the moment of the distribution of wedding favors; do you remember, Gia, their surprise when they opened the elegant pink casket? They have been diligent, Rashida and Nahed, to respect our desire to open them only on that day, together with our wedding witnesses».
Two days before the wedding, during the fervent preparations in the country farmhouse of Gia, in the Verona heath, Nourhan: «Gia, damn... we forgot them! And for wedding favors?».
«Blimey! Love; you’re right! Goodness that you’ve remembered of them, otherwise, you know which unpleasant impression we would have given to them! We should think of something uncommon... let me think».
After a while that she was to cogitate, remembering own mania to get the imprint of the vagina of her lovers for then get from the low artistic reliefs, Gia: «I understood, Nourhan! Now I go into the cellar: I take the chalk and everything else that we need. Meanwhile, you must stay lying naked on the mat and put your legs well open toward backward, and hold them thanks to your arms, so as to be with very wide open pussy. At first, I will do it to you, and then, after seeing how you do, you’ll be doing the same thing to me; later, with the off-road, we will go in a hurry to Venice to immediately bring the casts from my friend sculptor, asking her to do the job quickly. But it will be good, before we left, to warn her of our arrival with a phone call».
Meanwhile that, almost naked, she was even taking off the panties off, Nourhan: «I understand, you know; you want to get something similar to that large panel which is in the hall, is it so? What a wonderful idea, Gia![3]».
Actually, in the end, the result was very original and surprisingly nice. Externally with the guise of two large seashells, once opened the semi-seashells, inside of one of them it was the reproduction of the Gia’s vagina in life size, and into the other that of Nourhan; and inside of each shell, of course, there were some pink comfits.
Taken by the memory, Nourhan remarked: do you remember, Gia, what happened next?».
«You bet, love! Eaten the comfits, we’ve offered to witnesses the shells filled with a marquise cream of chocolate, that we had prepared, and, they sitting comfortably on the sofa, the four beautiful pussies have tasted the dessert which has been very much appreciated».
«Sure it is, that we did not miss the sweet taste, Gia, because, while they were eating from the reproduction of our pussies, we too we ate plenty of that delicious cream marquise... but not eating it from the wedding favors, but in “live”, from their sweet “passerine”. Not to change the subject, but listen to me a bit... after Francesca finished the cream that was into the shells, as she ate with great relish even the one that was on my pussy, I noticed, with pleasure, that the girl is very skilled with her mouth; especially with her tongue brisk, tireless. Not to mention of her little teeth, which, from time to time, they were to bite the lips of my cunt. So, long story short, I got from her a great enjoyment, and not even I say to you in which superlative way, later, she made me come! Oh God, what big beautiful nipples that she has: my mouth and teeth could not break away from them!».
«It could not be otherwise, Nourhan... I have grown her very well. You think that when I have met Francesca, she was only twenty years... and she was a virgin. Now she’s no longer such from a long time... and, good for her, it is so even in the back: Veronica has thought to deflower her even there so that now she did not miss any pleasure. About her nipples, they’re unique: prominent, large… is really a joy to be eating them to her. However, in eating your “patatina”, she will have remained very satisfied, Nourhan: a taste as good as yours is not common to find, not to mention of your generosity in dispense your incomparable honey».
«Virgin at twenty, do you say? Really! And... it was you, to take her virginity? Gia?».
«No; this is a pleasure I have left to Veronica; in any case, after she did it, I’m entered in games, to wean that delicate little flower.
«You know Gia, I must say that Francesca has a great pussy; I speak sincerely! Before that time, I had never seen one of them with wings so large... which seem to be made for making fly you!».
«Why, Mara’s breasts, or the ass, to mandolin, of Roberta, maybe they didn’t like to you?».
«Wow Gia: it is better that I don’t think about those! Without taking anything away from you, I had never seen before, nor kissed, an ass so wonderful, incredible! You’ve not offended, are you?».
«Come on, silly; how is it possible get offended in front of the truth? It’s true: Roberta has a bum sublime, of an extraordinary and unattainable perfection and beauty; I don’t believe to be blasphemous if I say that she seems to have been kissed by God in person».
Nourhan returned to the chronicle of that night: «Finally, once hailed Rashida and Nahed into video chat, while they resumed with the cheerful copulations, we all took a shower, and, put back on the clothes, the two of us even dressed in the bridal veil, we all went out to celebrate. After the banquet of fish and two jumps in a rustic ballroom, in the neighboring country, came back in the country house, after cut the wedding cake and uncorked the champagne, the wedding night was no less beautiful. Gia: how many more times, have we had an orgasm? I swear... I have lost count! What I remember is that all those copulas were endless, and we reached the point of exhaustion».
«It is really true, Nourhan, my soul! I remember the next day, my right hand still sore, and tongue swelled because of the long time during which I had licked you, I woke up at three in the afternoon, when you brought me breakfast in bed. And things did not go differently for Francesca, Roberta, Mara, and the brunette Encarnación, which, too exhausted due to the many coitus, they were still sleeping in the living room, above the large rug, the head resting on a tummy, or on the buttocks of another, in a confused group.
It was only in the evening, later on, that the forces allowed us to meet commitments under the sex with them, an act which would replace the signature of the wedding witnesses: you and I were brought to an orgasm by each of the four of them. At the end of this, we returned to be still together in the flesh; but this time in a group, and this until the next morning: it has been a sex marathon which lasted for nearly forty-eight hours».
«Do you remember, Gia? From the day of marriage was needed almost a week before we could go back to give us reciprocally the whip; at the end, almost saturated of sex, we went back to give to each other those emotions that so much inflamed the two of us. Ours was a very long honeymoon, this is sure, but it is over in a flash».
«Sure it is that after we did not miss anything to us».
«You’re right, Gia: in fact, you had prepared a wonderful surprise!».
«Do you speak of when I have fucked you blocked on the ground, in our “Luna Park”?».
«That’s right, Gia; I assure you: while you were to lock me down, for me it was enough to imagine what you would have done to my body! By themselves, those images in my mind put me in a lake».
«I wanted to make a surprise to you on the occasion of our wedding, and so, a week before I lied to you, telling you I would have been busy in Venice because of my books; instead, I went to the farmhouse, and I have put on that device for tortures, whose inspiration came me thinking about such thing that I had built for Francesca[4] on the occasion of her twenty-first birthday. How was beautiful and horny contemplate you; and in particular, arranged in that way!».
«Do you know what it was, above all, to make me horny, Gia? To know that I could not move even of a centimeter: in short, that everything would come to me from you; on the other hand, how could I cooperate? Me, nailed on the wooden floor, the legs obscenely spread bent backward over my head and locked by the heavy crude clamps of iron, the same for the arms, a thick iron bar that ran through my body close to my tits to keep safe the lower legs in horizontal position, my thighs maintained at the top with the bottom of the back supported by a soft support screwed into the floor; well, Gia: arranged in such a way, I felt myself at your utter mercy».
«I swear, Nourhan: you offered a magnificent spectacle! With your beautiful thighs wide open, which in that position they seemed two beautiful and tasty hams of San Daniele[5], you were so obscenely open! Observe you, helpless, ready to receive my “caresses”, well, all this has made me go crazy! And, I confess, I’m still a little regretted, having gone too far in whipping you so hard. However, in my defense there is the issue that you were an irresistible attraction: see your cunt throbbing, as well as the other little hole, was an invitation to which I could not resist».
«But what are you saying, Gia? Repented, and for what? You left carved in me a memory that will never disappear: God, as I was aroused! And especially because I was aware that, in the next day or the one after that, when I would feel well again, I could have done something like that to you. That time you have ripped my flesh using a whip to multiple queues, and after having furrowed as God commands my ass cheeks and thighs, you have also warmed my pussy and the little hole in my ass, so helpless in the perineal groove because of extreme divarication in which you had placed me. After, you’ve got to fuck me, with your cunt that kissed beautifully with mine. I remember that when you were to fuck me, before you went rubbing your clitoris in my little hole smaller, to arrive later at my clit, and then repeat that cyclical movement indefinitely, until, shouting together, we came at the same time».
«Thank you, love; I now feel more relieved. Do you know, what’s the other thing which made me very much inflame? When, with the battered thighs and covered by blisters caused of my whip, you asked me to pee: until then, I had not even given the whip on your pussy and not even on the little hole, and so, as if you were one of those fountains that are located in the parks, you have given me your pee in short spurts! I don’t say how it was tasty... perhaps because of the suffering that you were feeling».
By now for quite some time with her, Nourhan had learned how to use words to emphasize, and this, with the aim to increase their excitement beyond the reality lived, she: «Of course, Gia, after having whipped my flesh so vulnerable in all its parts so eagerly, including the tits, in palpate me with such impetus, and rubbing yourself, wildly, over my poor sore meat, you had made me suffer to the great. But this is the game that is most pleasing to us, don’t you think? And on the other hand, if you have something to reproach yourself, what I should say, since a few days after I did endure to you something like that? In any case, what has caused more pain to me, was when, before you fuck me, I asked to have a nice hot shower with your loved pee: knowing what pain I would have tried because of open furrows in my flesh, you did not want to do it; but I insisted... because I love you, and I wanted to give to you my suffering, my sweet love».
«Nourhan, not only my pussy but also my heart has become liquid: how sweet you are, my infinite joy».
«However, you know that I don’t hide anything to you, and, therefore, I feel I have to say it: if everything has been beautiful, there was something I missed, Gia».
«Why do you say this, love? What are you talking? Although overwhelmed by the suffering that I have gifted to your meat, you seemed so happy...». In her voice, there was some regret.
«I was jubilant Gia, but not entirely; well, now I’ll explain. Do you remember... towards the beginning, after you’ve fucked me so passionately, you have grabbed a cane and hit me on the arse and thighs until the first blood, reaching the extreme limit that we’ve imposed on ourselves never to exceed; about the torture, I say. Although happy, I was crying, and I shouted continuously like crazy; then, to give me a consolation that would help me to find the strength to continue, you have thrown away the barrel, you spit saliva on my little hole, and, gradually, first with your fingers and then with the whole hand, you’ve penetrated me deeply in my guts: to me, it seemed to go crazy from the anal pleasure that you went lavishing me. But to you, this was not enough because, after I had finished coming, close to me on the opposite side of the one where you were before, crouched, you have tight my head between your thighs, with your cunt glued to my mouth. After that, reversed over me, taking to massage my tighter sheath, you have started to get into it again with your fingers. Meanwhile, your mouth and fingers of the other your hand became wildly industrious on my cunt boiling. And I, what could I do, love? In the arrangement in which you had compelled me, the only thing I could move was my tongue; and therefore, as if it were a sixty-nine, we took us to another orgasm. Remember».
«Of course, I remember; however, because of the tone that you’re using, I have the impression that something has not left you satisfied, Nourhan: you were not coming well, by chance?».
«What are you saying? It was unbelievable, instead! You have surely heard my cries and my moans, no?».
«And then, my heart? I swear that I find it hard to understand you».
«See Gia: you had taken possession of me in a way outrageous and very intrusive, and...».
Perhaps because of the use of English approximate, she misinterpreted her intention and interrupted her: «I’m sorry that, at that time, you were remained offended, my love. And yet, this was not the first time; you also had taken me that way, and even many times... in my ass, I mean!».
The occasion was too appetizing, and she uses it to make fun of her. She had pretended to take umbrage: «It’s about time to make work the thing that is attached to your neck, Gia: if you did not understand, I’m talking about the brain! Of course that I liked to feel your hand navigate well in my little bum, what you’re saying! I noticed that, for you, it is necessary to explain things like for children: in short, I said… before, when you had opened me so well, in my little ass, I mean, well, I had the wish to have you inside me even more».
Having realized that she did not want to offend her, but simply tease, Gia did not react: «But more than that, love! I was sunk into you up to the wrist! What you would have wanted: the whole arm? Have fun, all right, but we must not do crap of which after repent; it must also look after the health, don’t you think?».
Inwardly, Nourhan gloated: she was taking her revenge for all the times when she had been the object of a good-natured mockery from Gia. She replied: «You continue not to understand; you’re stubborn, Gia! It was not about this that I was talking. I observe once again that the lack of orgasm, as well as for the pussy, it has an adverse effect also on your brain!».
She realized that Nourhan was still joking, and did not remain resentful; asked: «Of what are you talking about, then?».
«Ah... I always have to teach you everything! Now I’ll explain, blockhead: in the favorable condition in which I was, so much open, I would have liked to get your pee inside me until my little hole was open; i.e., before it returned to contract. I wanted to feel you inside me even more vividly, to feel your warm wave invade my tummy, for joining me even more in communion with your flesh, Gia. However, it does not matter, so much, today, tomorrow, or another day, it is possible that to happen...».
Intrigued by that obscene as lewd proposal, which was nevertheless dictated not only by lust, but also by sentiment, hiding her growing desire, in a fit of common sense, Gia replied: «Nourhan, but so you could have some telluric movements in the belly; even if done with the pee, in practice it would be an enema, in clearer words».
«In this respect there would be no problem, Gia; it is sufficient that my tummy is empty as we always do when we penetrate the other of us there; and then, even in an event of unexpected, I can hold myself very well».
«Nourhan, you know that it would also be dangerous for another reason: apart from the question of the telluric movements, in the face of such lust, who would be able to restrain herself from an orgasm which to us is prohibited until the day of my initiation? We must put aside these thoughts all too daring».
Musing on her own, laconic, she replied: «We’ll see, Gia; the ways of our beloved Goddess are endless...».
It was she, this time, to make a joke: «What are you saying... the ways of the Goddess! Those of the cunt, you would have had to say; indeed no: those of your nice little ass!».
Leaving on the table the issue, Nourhan: «You know, Gia, in the position in which you had placed me, with my pussy turned almost toward my mouth, I could live an emotion that was new for me: when, licking my clitoris and, at the same time, vigorously rubbing the G-spot[6], you have caused me a powerful squirting[7], I was so excited, that the jet was so powerful to get up to my face and inside my open mouth. It was nice also because it was the first time that I could taste the flavor of my cum straight from my cunt. Before then I had to lick it on your face. I must admit that you were right to be greedy of it: especially so hot, with a very pronounced flavor, I also found it delicious; however, I still prefer the taste of yours: it has a more delicate aroma».
«If you knew how I’m greedy for it, love! And especially for the pronounced flavor of which you have said; it will be for your carnality very Mediterranean. However, unfortunately, it will take time before you can give it to me again... with this abstinence of the cabbage, which is grinding my ovaries!» she finished, a little depressed.
To console her wife, Nourhan stroked her face and moved on to another topic: «In our history, between us Gia, there was a succession of events, emotions, and feelings, gradually, more and more pressing and tumultuous: the natural conclusion of all this it could only be our wedding. On the other hand, it was to be expected that things would have become too important for remain just a simple virtual love in the web chat. We were to meet us, touch, tighten, kiss, mix our saliva, fill the lungs with our breath and, finally, join ourselves even with the flesh, as well as with the fantasy.
In any case, I have to observe that what it was in the first weeks of our living together, which seemed to bring me high in the sky, it was only the beginning: it was thanks to our beloved tortures that our love has become even stronger, because words aren’t enough, and the senses want their fair share».
Although she was completely taken by that love, as it was in her character, desecrating even for the things which she cared more, Gia thought to make less mawkish an atmosphere that, for her tastes, was becoming overly romantic. From always convinced that it is wrong to take things too seriously, she turns her response to a joke: «I never said it to you, my love, but... (Continues in the novel).

[1] Missionary position, it is a sex position in which a woman lies on her back, and a man lies on top of her while they face each other and engage in sexual intercourse. Though commonly associated with the heterosexual sexual activity, the position is also used by gay and lesbian couples. It is commonly believed that the term “missionary position” arose in connection with Christian missionaries, who supposedly encouraged the sexual position to new converts in the colonial era. This position is often preferred by couples who enjoy its romantic qualities afforded by full skin-to-skin contact and opportunities to look into each other’s eyes and kiss and caress each other. Source: Wikipedia.
[2] Tribbing, is a form of lesbian sex in which a woman rubs her vulva against that of another, for a great mutual stimulation of the clitoris. Source: Wikipedia.
[3] The episode is narrated in the novel "From Gia’s Hat" - Act 2 °.
[4] The episode is narrated in the novel "From Gia’s Hat" - Act 2 °.
[5] Prosciutto di San Daniele, it is a raw ham product recognized Denomination of Origin by the Italian State and by the European Union. And this is for its unique and inimitable qualities due to the geographical environment, including natural and human factors. Prosciutto di San Daniele is produced in San Daniele, in the province of Udine, Northern Italy. Source: Wikipedia.
[6] G-spot, it would be a particularly sensitive point of the anterior wall of the vagina. Despite extensive research and testing, almost all of the studies refute the hypothesis of its existence. According to the Australian researcher Helen O’Connell, would, in reality, be the end part of the internal structure of the clitoris, which can reach a total interior length of 10 centimeters. One study examined with the scientific method 110 biopsies obtained from 21 women and concluded that a major site of innervation is absent in the human vagina. For this reason, in science it is believed that the G-spot does not exist. Source: Wikipedia.
[7] Squirting, or female ejaculation. It refers to the expulsion of fluid during stimulation, sexual arousal and during orgasm, similar to male ejaculation. Source: Wikipedia.

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