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Thursday, 17 March 2016


Look inside the lesbian erotic novel
FROM GIA’S HAT Act 1°: Scent of Female
Kindle and E-pub format, 
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... It was then, with great taste, which I took to bring you to the peaks of pleasure; to return to you the pleasure that you had dispensed to me before. This your patatina, shaved, smooth, hot, just a little darker than the whiteness of your other silky skin, florid and pulpy... that I perceive throb now very wet in my hand, love, it is the jewel of you that the more I love. And it is never stingy in granting to me her delicious mousse to delight my palate and my nostrils. I don’t want to think about these things, because, otherwise, from that great piglet who, like you, also I am, begin to copulate you here on the spot; and you know that I should not do it!».
Gia had withdrawn her hand from under that light cloth that covered the Nourhan’s legs for putting it in her neckline, to wrap with her cupped hand a breast, as if she were to weigh it: «And thou hast rewarded me, my love; and in what manner! Do you remember? Under your hands and your tongue, I was in a continuous thrill: there was no part of me that you didn’t visit with your sweet mouth, wickedly industrious. I still remember that, for all the time, I was panting, shouting loud from the pleasure that you were inducing in me».
«And do you remember what followed, Gia?».
«If I recall it, do you ask? And how could I forget! I don’t remember well; but, I believe, after that I have come at least three or four times, ruthless, you knew how to resuscitate my craving quickly. With a nod, you made clear to me to put me on my back and keep the upright legs holding them with my feet, so that my thighs could stay in a horizontal position. After that, thou in a vertical position, with your legs bent backward, supporting yourself with your hands up to my ankles, you have approached your tanned thighs in contact with mine: what a horny feeling it was to feel them, so intimately, in mutual contact, almost glued! Then, looking at me, licentious, thou hast approached your soft, silky, little cat against mine: good heavens, what lust!
You know, love; despite my extensive experience concerning the fucked, before that time I had never experienced a tribbing in such a position; in fact, with my tender little chick of the moment, we did it always with the legs crossed or in scissors mode. I tell you plainly, Nourhan: you made me die; really».
«You know Gia; I anticipate it to you: when you shall be to fuck with Nahed, for you, it will be like flying in Paradise! Apart from the other beatitudes that you discover for yourself, having a tribbing in this way with her is something I cannot describe: small as she’s, she seems to be made solely of pussy; and articulated as she is, I don’t tell you what she can do with her cunt on yours... and into yours ».
«Nourhan, please, would you, kindly, go to fuck yourself? You know in which hormonal condition I find myself, and what do you do? You continue to make me even hornier! You’re such an infamous! If I didn’t love you, I would send you to fuck off!». She told her with a smile and a loving tone, and Nourhan remained not offended. However, after a brief comment, she replied using another theme: «You’ve already sent me there for countless times, but I have no grudge against you! Let’s move to another topic: “Little chick” you said! It is a strange way of calling your lovers, Gia! For you, I too am a “chick”?».
«Come on, love! It’s a figure of speech to indicate the satisfaction of amorous conquest, no? In any case, I agree: you’re right; I don’t express it more this way. As for you, you’re my love, and my wife, too, Nourhan; and not an adventure of one night».
Glad that Gia had understood her innocent gaffe, serene, Nourhan continued: «If you knew how I felt myself! Of course, for me it was common to fuck in that position with my sisters, and was Nahed to teach it to me: beautiful, she’s very petite and very agile... and don’t tell you how is horny the pussy that she has; not even I talk about what is the delight in sipping it: has a truly exquisite fragrance... and not even I mention the flavour».
«Listen, love: I’m already hot to die! Regardless of the continuous and efficient labor of your rascal, little hand between my thighs, do you want to tell me what are you looking? Do you want I come just listening to you?».
«Huh... what you say never! Although I must admit that you have your reasons... I feel you wet, Gia; much!» she replied unabashedly, slipping dangerously with fingers still deeper into her slippery, warm, intimate, to stimulate her more and more.
«Wet? Flooded, I would say! You’re a great scoundrel: you have to stop to stimulate me, either with the hand than with words; really, Nourhan! It does not take much because I find myself on the edge of the golf hole».
Although they were licentious, Nourhan thought that their talks had taken a turn too serious. It was time to start with their loved jests: «Golf hole? To my knowledge, the only holes that arouse your interest are those of the females that you like».
However, Gia wasn’t in condition to take lightly the danger that she was running, because she felt that the orgasm was imminent: «Fool! I mean really! Come on, stop it!».
As if she had not even felt, aggravating still the situation relating to her genital excitement, kissing and sucking her nipple, her wife: «I’m glad because I see that things are going excellently! And it this, precisely, that wants Rashida; and you know it very well. In short, to return to when we were talking about your excitement, relatively to that which, for you, it was a new position, you cannot even imagine what my pleasure was! We were to slide so well... and the coitus lasted a lot before we came».
«You’re right to say it was special, Nourhan: when the tribbing is done with the legs crossed, for obvious reasons, our little butterflies cannot be aligned. In that way, instead, it was as if they were combined into one: your cunt... inside the mine. Your clit is bigger than mine, and when you were to penetrate me cyclically, from the bottom of furrow of the labia minora, towards my clit, you made me enjoy like crazy: I don’t think I’ve ever been fucked so.
Even my eyes, synchronous with my patatina, they were to enjoy. In fact, in that particular posture, under them it was held a show absolutely steeped in lust: as in a licentious film shooting at close range, not even that it was a porn movie, I could observe our clits, tumescent and soaked, rub cyclically with each other. And, while, unleashed, you were into the active role I could even see the filaments formed by our sticky honey whenever thou wast to move just a little your cunt than mine, for then start again to rub. Do you remember how often I took off my eyes from yours, with the aim to watch right there, no?
We were… how can I say it? I think that “complementary” is the appropriate term. Swollen and stiff, I saw your beloved clitoris get in, penetrate between my labia minora, for later, rubbing, kissing my clit... which was no less inflamed, than yours. You were to fuck me with high efficiency and skillfully, not even that you were provided with a penis. I think if you were a male, you certainly would not miss the pussy».
Remembering when she was making love with her spiritual Mother Rashida, in the thoughts of Nourhan...
‘Great my clitoris, you said? You’ll see when you will have the pleasure of sucking that of Rashida and being penetrated by her in your cunt: that yes, you could call “penis”, my soul. In any case, I don’t want to reveal it to you, because I would be to steal to you the pleasure of a beautiful, “big” surprise’.
It was time to take more concretely with the jokes. Pretending to be offended, she replied: «Being a male, to me? Are you taking me for the ass Gia?» as often happened, with much amusement by both, things were gradually coming to one of those playful bickerings that both never took seriously. In fact, collecting the provocation, Gia continued: «Taking you for the ass, do you say? You got to believe; I’d love to sink into the soft, warm, and cramped paradise of delights that is between your ass cheeks, love; but I don’t think, in this case, I could prevent me from coming».
«Go to shit, Gia! You always have to misunderstand, to play with words!».
«I have already done it, darling: I fulfilled it this morning, after breakfast; and it has been enough for me too. Except for fucking, for the other things, I’m pretty regular; and you know it».
«Ah... it is useless to speak with you: you never want to miss a game!».
Instead of taking a rematch on that good-natured bickering, smitten because of what ran through her head, Nourhan passed to another theme: «Gia! Listen, I got an idea; sin not to have thought of it before...».
«And it would be, Nourhan?».
«You think how nice it would be if, in exactly placed in that position where we said, once we’ve come, we let go ourselves even to a long pee. One at a time, though, and keeping us well wide open the pussy with the fingers, with the aim to perceive the scented warm wave to wet to us into, and then, we, well filled, feel the flow even into the other little hole. Expert as we are, we could give it little by little, so that the pleasure persists for a long time; and after, we could also enjoy the pee in the palate, wiping us mutually in a fantastic sixty-nine, until to make us come again, and then...».
Due the forced abstinence from orgasms, Gia couldn’t longer resist listening to her wife: «Listen to me, beautiful joy, become almost more skilled than me in flights of imagination that are useful to excite each other, I understand you want to prove this your new quality; but now you’re just exaggerating! Will you understand, Nourhan? I feel myself come! Really! Stop it for a while with your hand, and even with these speeches; be good, please».
«You’re right, Gia; I’m sorry».
Elapsed a bit of time during which the two lovers tried to distract the excitement of the senses talking about something else, a time when, while keeping it motionless, Nourhan had not moved her hand away from her wife’s vagina. After about twenty minutes,...(It continues in the novel).

[1] Patatina, informal term for mean the vulva.

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