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Friday, 15 April 2016


Look inside the lesbian erotic novel
FROM GIA’S HAT Act 1°: Scent of Female
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… That said, the two women resumed their walk toward the pond; as they walked, Nourhan: «I don’t have never asked this to you, but tell me, how come are you so gluttonous for the chocolate Gia?».
She could not waive to tease her: «And to you, why do you like so much to fuck?».
Is not possible say that they were not in tune; in fact, without resentment she replied: «Gia; fuck off! You cannot answer a question by making another; stupid!».
«Well, Nourhan, it is not just to take the piss out you, which I have responded in this way: for starters, you cannot deny that chocolate is delicious... although not as the pussy; moreover, as you can imagine knowing me, there is one more reason, and in any case, this is linked to the “passerina”. In fact, the chocolate increases dopamine[1], which, during its release thanks to sex, does get stellar the orgasm».
«Well, it would be even better if, before to fuck, you would do indigestion oyster. In fact, they contain a high percentage of zinc, which appreciably increases the way of functioning of hormones and testosterone, thus favoring a most rewarding sexual performance» replied Nourhan, smiling.
«But you think about! And I, that I was convinced that I liked so much them because, by dissolving in the mouth, they remind me the consistency perceived when we’re feeding ourselves with the best delicacy of the world: the pussy. And this especially when the tongue wanders, getting lost in its deep, fragrant meanders. I notice that you’re very skilled in this matter, Nourhan».
«Deep meanders! Not even it was a chasm, a dark, frightening tunnel! What a way to express themselves, Gia! This style is not suited to you, writer of my boots» she commented with a laugh.
Still intrigued by the story told of wife about the erotic activities which usually were taking place in the Community, with the desire that never left her for a moment, Gia asked: «Honey, on the subject of sex, in addition to the spiritual exercises, what are the other practices in use in the Community? Naturally, I refer to those that we have never experienced among us».
«Gia, in this, our Mother was categorical; she desires that you discover it gradually; and not through words, but experiencing it in person, so, I cannot tell it to you. If you want to, however, I can recount to you something that she said to me, and that not even I understood it».
«And tell me, what are you waiting?».
«Well, you know that when we do sex together, among other things, we like to penetrate us very deeply; and...».
Gia interrupted: «But this is not big news; also we do this. I think that you’re referring to the various vaginal and anal fisting that we love dispense among us: is this, Nourhan?».
«More, Gia... much more; especially with Nahed: petite as is, she knows how to give you of the sensations of the other world; and you’ll see, she likes to do it a lot» immediately she regretted to have prematurely brought the discourse on sister.
At first surprised, but immediately intrigued, Gia stopped; recalled by the tantalizing words of Nourhan, in her mind alternated eidetic images of them while they were busy in the boldest and shameless sexual practices. In the throes of a growing excitement, very near in front of her, her lips almost touching hers, sensual as lascivious, she observed: «Much more? Than ever could be more if, in the same way of like I do with you, your hand enter into me with all your little fist, and sometimes even beyond the wrist, love... and this, not only into the vagina but also into the “B-side”?». That thought was so overwhelming that she felt the effect of the desire goes beyond the thin fabric of panties, for then drip down her thighs.
With a hint of malice, without looking down from her eyes, wife lifted her short skirt: hand ran, slight, right there, where she had the confirmation of what she had foreseen. Then she put her fingers in her mouth and, still watching her, provocative, as she sucked them with satisfaction, she did not relent from maintaining her reserve: «Mm... you’re delicious this morning; it will be that the protracted abstinence improves your flavor! In any case, Gia, please, don’t insist; in this way, you put me in trouble with my conscience! However, do you want to know what Rashida said Rashida about you on that occasion?».
«You must excuse me, honey; but you also have to understand me: it’s from two days that I cannot take it anymore! Come on, tell me; I promise that I will not be intrusive».
They resumed walking. Nourhan: «Thank you, love; in short, one morning you were out, and, from your home in Venice, I was on the phone with Rashida, among other things, at one point she told me...
‘Nourhan, when you and Gia will be at the oasis, you will not have to be surprised if between your wife and Nahed it happens something miraculous; do you remember when, in love, one of us says a phrase like, “I want to be inside of you with all me”, or, “I want you inside me... all!”. Well, I had a vision, and, between them this will be more of a dream... and I’m not referring to a fisting, of course’.
And after she added...
‘Prepare yourself spiritually, sweetheart, because, before long, you and me, we will have to suffer; but we will accept this with serenity, for the love that we bring to our wives.
You know, Gia, to the idea of losing you, I was burst out crying. Such was my sadness, which I have never spoken of this to you.
«Love, what are you saying? Losing me? If it is just by so the little time that I have found you! Never, I will leave you; and you don’t must nevermore more talk about what... do you want to make me cry too?».
«Don’t take it so Gia; I know you love me, and that your feeling is sincere. About what Rashida said to me, frankly, I don’t have understood the true meaning, Gia; what I know, however, is that Rashida never wrong. You should be aware that she cannot never sleep continually, and every time she wakes up, her wife has to get busy for bringing her again at the sleep... and you understand in what way, right? Well, between a fuck and the other, in that brief sleep, sometimes she has visions, and her prophecies come true punctually. In any case, I also know that my little Nahed, which we like to call “our beloved little child”, never, she would give me pain, and that if something happens, it will be without that someone loses anything».
Not knowing what to think, Gia remained surprised; however, she did not insist on asking of else, and, embraced, they continued to walk down the path to the pond.
When at last the two women arrived, Gia remained fascinated by the beauty of the place. The surface of the pond, precisely because not so vast, it offered, to the eyes and mind, very suggestive scenery: in all its breadth it was possible to see the shores that descended toward the water in a gentle slope. As her wife had told, the vegetation was lush, and the willows were to send their branches to kissing the water lilies.
Going towards the shore, very inspired, Nourhan exclaimed: «How many memories, here! Of when I was married to Rashida, I mean. We were coming here very often, do you know Gia? Especially when at the Oasis also arrived Nahed; we came here to be alone sometimes. Not because she gave annoyance to us, Gia, but, you can understand, one thing, is to have sex in three every night for then sleep together; and another is to have a little bit of privacy between spouses. At the time, before she married Rashida, she did not have a girlfriend, and, you understand... (Continue in the novel).

[1] Dopamine, it works by endogenous neurotransmitter by activation of specific receptors; it is produced in different areas of the brain by stimuli that produce motivation and reward, such as sex, good food, water, or it is produced by artificial stimuli such as drugs, but also listening to music. This also applies to moderate pain (sadomasochistic practices). Accumulated from the above, the release of dopamine enhances pleasure perceived by the brain. Taken and adapted from Wikipedia.

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