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Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Look inside the lesbian erotic novel
FROM GIA’S HAT Act 1°: Scent of Female
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…. As established before, not so much time later they changed roles, and then was Nourhan to prepare herself spiritually to feel shaking her flesh from the cane. Arranged on the grass in the same position taken first by her wife, as she bound her, she recommended: «Gia, don’t forget of my ciccina, do you know?».
Very cheerful for the great pleasure that soon she would get, she joked: «Do you speak of this pulpy fig that I see make its way up through this sweet ass cheeks... to which, in a little time, I will devote my loving attentions?».
She could not give up taking the opportunity to get back in the good-natured skirmishes so beloved by both: «It is not a “fico”, but a “fica”[1]! You must not turn the beautiful things to boorish male gender, please... and especially if we’re talking about what is the best in the world».
«The best in the world! We are presumptuous, don’t you? You know how much I appreciate your; however, a bit of modesty would not suck». Gia had understood very well the meaning of her words, but the opportunity was too tempting to miss it.
«Stupid! I did not speak in detail of mine... not only, at least».
Placed sideways at her side, after finishing tying the wrists to her ankles using the usual Velcro, Gia filled the palm of her hand of her exuberant vagina, proudly prominently among the buttocks. Very turned on, she commented: «In the location where you are, you should see how it looks horny your cunt... that seems a delicious, fleshy fig, ready to be eaten with the peel».
A cheek to contact of grass, eyes fixed on Gia, languid in expectation of that particular pleasure that, while painful, was much loved by her, Nourhan took the opportunity to continue to tease her: «You will have to do without peel, sweetie... don’t you see that I’m shaved? You did it before: ah, my poor Gia; you see that, with age, your memory has gone to fuck off».
«With age! I’m only thirty-six, darling, just someone older than you! In any case, I said peel, and not fur, dear. However, after a few shots of the barrel, you will see how your cunt will look reddened and even skinned here and there» she threatened benevolently, exaggerating things. She continued: «To really, do you want that I go... freely as how I will feel to do, honey?».
«I’d want to see the opposite! It’s since yesterday that I dream this... even on the other little hole, know you?» finished Nourhan, with a sensual tone.
«If you’re glad, darling, for me it can only be a pleasure».
How was in the order of things, at the end of the well-liked punishment, it has been Gia to lie down on the bench to quench her thirst at the hot source of the wife.
Later, they both still sore because of the strokes of the cane, stretched out prone next to one another, with her mouth to two millimeters from that of her wife, stroking lightly her pale buttocks furrowed of red, softly, Nourhan asked: «Gia...».
«Love?». From intonation of her voice, she had already realized that another lustful thought was going through her head.
«Do you make it very badly? Here, I say» she specified, giving a resounding slap on her butt still burning.
«Ouch! It still hurts, yes, but I’m not sorry to feel this pleasant warmth; but, at least for a while, you don’t spank me more: and to you, hurts it, Nourhan?» she asked, returning the “courtesy”.
«On my boobs you went gracefully, and therefore, there, not much; but on the ass and cunt, I feel still much pain... and I don’t speak of the interior of the thighs, where, as your usual, you’ve been very passionate... they burn a lot:  but I’m nevertheless glad. Listen Gia, about what we said yesterday, around the various fisting that we traded in the Venetian lagoon, well, I feel to be in a high heat: I would have a craving...».
«You know we cannot do it, Nourhan». Her answer did not reflect precisely the cravings that her wife was soliciting into her.
«Yes and no, Gia».
«What do you mean, love?». Although worried, she became hopeful.
«This is not said... if we know to resist the occurrence of orgasm, nothing will prevent us to exchange of the tribbing among us. On the contrary, this would increase the sex drive that you will be able to free after your promise, and, for me, this will increase the craving to be fuck from...(Continues in novel).

[1] Fica, please note that in Italian, the word “Fico” is the common fruit; but in colloquial language, conjugated to the feminine, the term refers to the vagina, which, in the vernacular, is called “Fica”.

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