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Saturday, 9 April 2016


Look inside the lesbian erotic novel
FROM GIA’S HAT Act 1°: Scent of Female
Kindle and E-pub format, 
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… «Gia, you cannot even imagine how great it is the gift that you make me: you and me, alone, in the middle of the sea, free to behave as we please! But do you realize?». Here from you, in Venice, we can also stroll embraced without scandalizing anyone, certainly; but this will be the first time that we will be able to have sex freely even outdoors! Unlike of as happens in my Country, here with you I have met a freedom that I did not know before. At my house, my sisters and me, we’re forced to love us and have sex in absolute secret, indoors of the Oasis, and when we’re in town, we’ve to wear, at a minimum, the hijab or even a Niqab, and we cannot even keep us hand in hand!».
Then when they had put into practice their project, Nourhan had been really excited to be able to make love freely outdoors; in fact, as she had said, in her Country there was no way to express themselves freely in their sexual preferences and, much less, have sex outside of a home. In a fit of the passion of love, before even leave, she had said: «Gia, we should not waste this great opportunity; when you will give me your whip, you have to do it unto blood, you know... like with Brunhilde». To push her to offer herself so generously there had been two reasons: on the one hand, she wanted to show that she would have been able to be the height of Brunhilde; but, above all, she wanted to donate to Gia one emotion, no less strong than that which she had lived with the red female of Nuremberg.
Gia had understood her deep motivations and the answer that she had given to her was loving, and just as generous: «If that’s what you want, my love, with your beloved cane even thou shalt smite in the same way my body; but, you don’t worry because we will not make miss anything to ourselves».
In their seafaring excursion, for the atmosphere of freedom that enveloped them, the two women gave themselves to all sorts of sexual fantasies abundantly seasoned by their beloved floggings. Especially for Gia, it was a kind of cathartic regression, for nothing “innocent”, to her childhood. In one of those role playing, they had pretended that Gia was a young lady that the “pirate” Nourhan had kidnapped with the aim to enslave to her perverse cravings: Gia, completely naked, tied to the mast of the boat, when, with one of the rods, that they had brought with them, “the pirate” hit her on the buttocks and thighs until the first blood, Nourhan seemed really go crazy from pleasure. The shrill cries of Gia had gone stirring with the cries of the seagulls that flew over the boat.
In another of those games, they had pretended to conquer an island. Landed, on that occasion it has been Gia to whip the beautiful “virgin” brunette that she pretended to have caught: tied her wife in an indecent posture to the ramshackle remains of an old “casone” in ruins, Nourhan’s genitals well exposed, she whipped her very hard, insisting on her breasts and vagina, that in spite of the light brown color, at the end of the painful flogging it showed very reddened. At that show so exciting, a whirlwind of emotions took hold of her: flushed and excited, Gia does could no longer resist to owning her, threw the whip, and pretended to rape the beautiful “virgin” Arab; then, she began to rub her vagina with ardor against hers. And all this, until, screaming, the two females in heat arrived to have an incredible orgasm that frightened the gulls, who, anxious about their nests, flying at low altitude, they tried to expel them from the island using a plentiful rain of excrement that, however, never hit the two lovers. If that party game was an entertaining fiction, the whips and the strokes of the cane they were certainly real.
During the passionate period of stagnation that had followed that wild, as painful, flogging, breaking away from the comforting Gia’s mouth, still shaking and crying because of the strong burning, tightening, strongly, the hand of her female, Nourhan had whispered: «Love, today, I don’t wish to be sodomized by you “so much deeply”; but even “more” instead... and without any grace. I ask this because, in this unforgettable adventure, I would also like to enjoy the feeling of being raped by you. Even if it was I who teach prudence, for once, this you can do; and this is the right opportunity». That indecent proposal ignited much Gia, and when they were not more tired due to that first coitus, to make more realistic the fiction of violent rape, she contented her female pretending to inflict to her, against her will, in succession, a vaginal fisting and another anal, which, as she had asked, it was very severe and painful. The hot Arab female had liked very much feel herself penetrate with all her fist, anointed almond oil, until in the bowels, receiving Gia in her, for the first time, even well beyond the wrist, to a third of the forearm.
Although it was not painless as usual, as she cried for vivid and pulsating pain, Nourhan felt really happy to be able to express her tormented voluptuousness moaning and screaming out loud, without having to worry that someone might listen. In the end, simpering, still lying in that indecent position, keeping buttocks widely dilated with both hands, she had asked and gotten:  «Listen Gia, until today you had never opened me so much as now; and...».
Worried, she interrupted: «Your loved ass hurts so much, treasure; is it true? I’m sorry; I expected that it would be too much!».
«What did you understand? I feel a god, instead; I was saying... do you’ve of it Gia? As long as I can remain open in this way, I want to have your pee into my ass so opened; I like to feel your warmth in my tummy... so excoriations, that I feel burning inside, they will be disinfected».
Also inflamed for that transgressive and indecent proposal, to which she fulfilled with great pleasure and diligence, Gia had remained satisfied and contented not only because, later, her wife had returned pleasures sodomizing her: even if those to whom they were dedicated were not certainly innocent, those amusements had brought her in childhood, when she liked playing with her little girlfriends to more innocent “pirate’s punishment”... (It continues in novel).

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