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Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Look inside the lesbian erotic novel
FROM GIA’S HAT Act 1°: Scent of Female
Kindle and E-pub format, 
reading on the iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Android, Desktop.

… «I too am hungry of your; ok, we get up to a flying start! But not as you did before, when, only for one hair you did not do me coming. Now, you go serenely in licking my pussy; but you have to do it with caution Gia: do you know, what are the risks that we can run, right? And now, come on, my lioness, as you say, you can “devour” me now, that your hot meal is ready again... and also with the sauce included! And then let’s see if we’re able to complete the alphabet at least once, from “A” to “Z”». “Complete the alphabet” for them had a very precise meaning: it indicated the movements to give to the tongue, which simulated the shape of characters, so that the vagina could be lapped for twenty-six times, always in a different way and direction, and without neglecting any part of it, from the perineum up to the clitoris. Normally, before reaching orgasm, especially in the sixty-nine position, between moans and cries, the two women were able to hold out for ten cycles».
Gia kept her word, and she behaved with great moderation. After had cleaned Nourhan thoroughly, the two women placed themselves in opposite position to each other, and, licking mutually, limiting themselves to a single alphabetical cycle, they went satisfying their palates with the reciprocal, savory flavors.
Returning to tie Gia between the two trees, while she was about to resume in torturing her, Nourhan: «I think soon we should do a dip in the water, do you know, Gia?» said, feeling very hot; then, she began to whip her breasts, calmly and methodically, by taking pleasure in seeing them fluctuate. When she did realize that continuing she would have left marks on her body, who would not be disappeared in the time of one hour, she asked: «And your sweet ass, Gia, do we’ve to leave it with the craving, the unhappy? If you want, now, I’ll paint it a little bit, and later, when, from the water we will return to the shore, you’ll do it to me; but I want the cane even on my pussy. Thus, this “undisciplined” will calm down a little bit».
«Who is it that do you want to cheat, beautiful joy? Your cunt will not be at all sorry... I know how you like to feel the cunt on fire! If you want, I can do it with great pleasure, but you must be careful, though: in fact, feeling your pussy on fire, you could come without even realize it» commented Gia, laughing. Then she encouraged her: «Listen, honey, if you gave me only five more shots, this would amount to nothing, and since my ass still don’t protest too much, we make thirty in all, come on! You know, that I love to see you perky».
«You’re a love, Gia: really!» said Nourhan, almost moved.
When she had finished beating her, the two lovers, finally, set about doing what they had agreed earlier, namely, the so-called “substitute gratification orgasmic”. On the fragrant grass, both in the same direction, to kiss each other with the bladder full to burst, they stayed as long as possible to feel the warm touch of their vulvas to kissing mutually. Finally, as if they were one flesh, the two women liberated themselves in profusion, in a micturition which lasted a lot. During that liberating act, Gia: «Oh God! Nourhan: I’m coming like crazy now!».
She misunderstood, and, in a gasp of anguish: «Gia! No! What are you doing? Do you want to fail? Stop, please: you have to control yourself!».
«Don’t worry, love... it’s just the satisfaction that comes to me to free myself, and fill your “ciccina” while I feel mine that is invaded by your pee so nicely hot. You were right, do you know? It was almost like a real orgasm!».
«Thank God! I was worried, do you know? You really are a fool: you scared me! If you knew how intensely I hear you, my love: I feel my “patatina” being filled by you: and I think... even into my uterus, do you know? How I wish that, instead of pee, it was of cum your, my love! What I want most in my life is to get pregnant from you».
Later, drank other water in abundance, the two women dived into the pond; after a brief swim and some free diving, which inevitably ended with the head of one, or the other, between the respective bare thighs, they continued to play and joking in the water. Embrace, they huddled all the time, exchanging, meanwhile, of the shameless caresses; so, instead of becoming calmer, their libido grew even more. Go up on the pier, again very hotly, Gia resorted to their erotic game, alternative to coitus: «Already in the water, although my pussy was boiling, due to the cool I felt the urge to pee, love; do you want to take advantage of this?» she suggested, mischievous.
«Why: would you want to waste it, perhaps? I couldn’t ever forgive this to you, sweetie! It is a providence that...  (It continues in the novel).

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