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Saturday, 14 May 2016


Look inside the lesbian erotic novel
FROM GIA’S HAT Act 1°: Scent of Female
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… it had already spent an hour or so since they had begun to devote to their extravagant, fluid effusions. Diligent to observe the dictates which excluded the possibility of having orgasms, already dry, completely naked, they resumed their clothes and, embraced, moved away to sit on other large stone slabs, which was dry. «Gia, now it will be better that we put the clothes on; we’ve already risked much. In any case, there is no doubt that we have really become two beautiful piglets; is so pleasant to roll together in our perfumed trough, it’s true love?» observed Nourhan, very cheerful for the unusual fun that they had enjoyed.
While the wife was going to wear her panties, from light fabric, almost impalpable, Gia: «Always, we’ve been of the cute sluts, Nourhan! It’s just that we did not know to be it; slut, I mean, and not attractive. About piglets, please, you wait a minute before wearing panties, and you give it to me: I give back it to you in a moment, come on!».
«But they’re still wet and soaked of my vaginal secretions… of what, for me, it is my cum for you! I am ashamed» she said, feigning a reluctance which sure, she did not feel; however, laughing, handed them to her.
Looking into the eyes her wife, she brought it to her nostrils inhaling the smell, and then to her mouth to lick it slowly just where they were still wet of her vaginal secretions. Therefore, continuing to look at her with intensity, replied: «That’s why I want them: I love to death the smell of your cunt, slut of my heart; to the point that, as someone more famous than me said, I would like to be your “Tampax”[1], to live inside your pussy».
In that cheeky skirmish, Nourhan pretended to be disappointed: «There, you see! Since when you told me that, before you leave home, you took from clothes hamper my panties used to bring it with you and later, occasionally, in great intimacy, you went to sniff it, even to me came a great desire to do the same with yours. And now, how I can get this? You don’t wear panties almost ever!».
«Now, however, they’re just as you have craved: drenched and fragrant than me, that more it wouldn’t be possible. Here, take it, love» ended Gia, throwing her the culottes.
After that brief fetish practice, Nourhan: «Now it will be better if we wear it, Gia; our panties will be one more barrier not to lead us to sin too... although if there is nothing more beautiful than this your apple of sin!» she finished cheeky, filling the palm of own hand of her meaty vulva through her culottes.
«You must stand firm with this your mischievous, assassin little hand; who, otherwise, I don’t guarantee how this story will end up» she replied, laughing, simulating first to retreat, and then collaborating with her, leaning forward toward her with the pelvis, with the aim to offer better the own vagina to her hand.
After which, approached more with her vulva leaning forward and pressed to hers, she clutched her at her breast. Finally, Gia squeezed loud her female to herself, grabbing her by the buttocks. The vulva of one glued against the thigh of the other, they kissed each other; between a rubbing flesh against flesh, and a kiss, Nourhan: «Together, we form a beautiful couple, don’t you, Gia? Also aesthetically: milk and barley, just like the cappuccino that you like to take in the morning... and that for me, a fanatic of Arabic coffee, it is really disgusting!» she joked.
«Me too; I like coffee, but alone, without sugar and milk... or corrected with grappa, as well as to many of my fellow citizens from Veneto like to drink it in the morning. Concerning us, what you say it is true, my love; however, from what I know, soon I will be like a white comfit surrounded by three delicious milk chocolates filled with delicious nectar» she replied allusive, while she was licking a finger of her hand that had pulled out of the wife’s vagina, to bring it to her lips, to taste her stringy, pearly secretion.
«And you have to be sure that we’ll let ourselves eat from you, and that... we will eat you».
Regained their control, when they had finished dressing, Gia asked her: «Do you want us to return to our beloved web chat, love? Of what we want to remember, do you have any idea in particular?».
«You bet, Gia; with all the good memories that we have, we just have to be spoiled for choice. Do you remember when, in Venice with you, to make me understand the real meaning of our pleasure to whip us mutually, told you me to Brunhilde? That story had me very intrigued, and it excites me even now. Come on; you speak to me again of it; maybe you’ll remember other details that I don’t know yet». Due to its ability fairy-tale, Gia would have been a great mother; Nourhan always listened with great pleasure her romantic and love stories, that often they were only about sex. And she felt no jealousy. Reinforced by her expression of impatient waiting, Gia began…
«Think, love, when I told her my stories of when I was a child, stories that you know, the one on the game of doctor, do you know what she proposed to me? She asked me: «Gia, come on, we too do the same thing, now! How much I would like, instead of in the bathtub, as we’re used to, if you could make pee on me under the stairs of building: the emotion that would take us because of the fear of being discovered, it should be of an extreme lust!».
And there was no way to change her mind, do know you, Nourhan? So that she did not give me more stress, it ended that I have satisfied her cravings. She wanted to do this in broad daylight, but since…  (It continues in the novel).

[1] Tampax is a well-known brand of female sanitary napkins. According to the tabloid press, the famous phrase, intercepted by the secret services, it would have been uttered by Prince Charles at the alleged lover Camilla.

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