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Gia Van Rollenoof: the Lesbian Novelist


The character presents itself

Although my last name makes you think of anything else, I am a Venetian woman who took the surname of her mother, whose dad was Dutch. I did this for not to confuse me with my father, who, when I told him to feel me a lesbian and not hetero, pissed off, he sent me out of the home.
And therefore, left the family house at the age of sixteen, since sometimes something intervenes to balance the bad luck, I was fortunate to win a scholarship that allowed me to live free for two years, obtaining the baccalaureate diploma in an International College abroad, and more precisely in the United Kingdom. 
Working hard, then I managed to graduate in psychology, a profession that I have never exercised, but which has been and continues to be very useful to me for other matters, including the pussies of females that strike me, and that I endeavor to bring on my bed.
It was thanks to my dear Italian Master if I have been able to work as a photographer, so take my university studies. Never, I will thank him enough for the training that I received; and not only about photography, because, somehow he has replaced the father that I had never had, and who kicked me out of the house. By now taken that road, graduate, later I became an appreciated artist, even managing to sell a large number of photographic works, thing, which easier abroad, it is not common in that Italian environment in which I returned to live when I finished University.
However, despite the remarkable success achieved in the areas of visual arts, since this way of expressing myself it did not satisfy me more fully, for some time I put aside the photograph; and this, because I found that I like to write, an art that does not limit my creativity. On what do I write? On a topic that most of all I’m passionate: about us women, who love the females. I did not write my novels for the schoolgirls, of course; but even though they’re very cheeky, they are forthright, direct, and absolutely without ambiguity: they reflect, in fact, my way of relating to others.
And speaking of seduction, as I have explained before, except for a few unfortunate exceptions, thanks to some god that I don’t know, seduce, for me, it has never been a problem. And this, sometimes, even towards women who have not yet discovered what, in my opinion, is the greatest of pleasures: love between us, females. In this regard, even though I consider myself far from all forms of mysticism, I have almost a missionary idea of myself: without forcing them, if can, I like to convert the women that strike me to my “religion”. And I speak of the best profession of faith... the one that is attributed to Sappho, this is evident.
Concerning what I have just said, you forgive me if I appear presumptuous in saying that, in the seduction I have success; and this, not thanks my particularly seduction skills or charm, but since they’re so many the crap that some men are accustomed to doing for us women, I have an easy game.
There is also to say that I’m very stubborn: when I take a fancy to some lovely female, I have no peace until I cannot enjoy her pussy in my, or in her bed. And since we’re on the subject, I think it is good to clarify the things to avoid misunderstandings: I’m an outspoken person, and although I love the elegance, even verbal, sometimes I use a moderate bad language. In any case, this isn’t for the sake of vulgarity; not counting the various “cock” “fuck”, “shit”, and so on, just to give an example, when I use the terms “cunt” or “pussy”, which, however, may be all, less than obscene, not necessarily I speak of that part of our anatomy so pretty that we women we carry between our thighs, and that makes worthy of being lived our lives. It is true that, in this case, I could use the term “seduction”, but, considering of my training as a psychologist, I prefer to be conceptually essential, and the same it is in the other cases. When vulgarity is not an end in itself, but it serves to make the concepts better, in my opinion, it should be used without hesitation, hypocrisy, and at any occasion, without being afraid to offend someone or something.
Well, to persevere in this short and boastful tale of me, I beg you to have patience if I’m still wrecking your balls or ovaries, depending on whether you’re male or female, but this serves to give a reading code of my novels, which reflect my way of being...
Although many women tell me that I’m very feminine, even from my childhood I preferred to choose the concrete things of life, thus avoiding any mental masturbation. Not that I have anything against that excellent practice, to which I have proudly devoted almost every day of my life, and this especially when I don’t have a girlfriend. However, I don’t like to waste my life, which, beyond what it will last, because of my many desires, it will always be too short.
Of course, I recognize that in this thing emerges my masculine side, but who he is, in the world, the one who can be said to be entirely free of the traces of the opposite sex? It’s probably for this reason that I like love in a not at all spiritual and romantic way; so much so that, in love and sex, I go straight to the point. In short, hating, as I said, the loss of time, and any other frills, I’m always very material. And probably, by my femininity, and the others tell me, the charm, is just this propensity for determination, which makes me able to seduce women who feel heterosexuals, and from all this, as well as of pleasure carnal, I get one great moral satisfaction.
“Moral”: it is no coincidence that I use this term, which for many people it may seem improper. In fact, about the morality, I have a notion that, if personal, it is very clear; said it in simple words, well, I can explain things in this way: in the prosperous and demographically exuberant Western society, sexuality should no longer be conceived as much for the reproduction of the species, as for the pure amusement. And therefore, since practicing it with the opposite sex involves the possibility to procreate or risk to health due to the hiring of the contraceptive drug for the birth control, I think it is better to give ourselves to the most satisfying, voluptuous, homosexual relationships... judiciously protected, it’s clear.
The cases of “spiritual conversion” of which I was involved in my life not too long, thirty-six, were numerous; however, the greatest success I have had it has been with the females “God-fearing” and saturated of prejudice inculcated to them. Sure: prejudice! Because if this gives you a temporary safety, at the same time it makes you weak, and if you can remove it, you can find a soul that you can put back together, which can become gorgeous, and eventually become her own; and not of others.
Among other love affairs that I have had the pleasure of living, some have happened with of the women who were convinced to be “hetero”; beautiful females, certainly, but with the submissive character, and very disappointed of their lives about the satisfactions, which have no rewarded their so-called “sacrifices”. And these my amorous conquests have been successful regardless of the wish that could come from the supplications of what I consider being the center of the universe: our pussies. It happened to me often, in fact, to find some that believe that the fairer sex must be fragile, as well as, for thousands of years, the men has carved in the hearts and minds of women.
Mainly because of religious conditionings, which promise you an adequate premium in the afterlife commensurate with the sacrifices that you have been able to do in this earthly world, I remember that girl that once I brought to the right path. Seated at the “Gran Caffè Quadri” of Piazza San Marco, in my beloved Venice, she told me: «Gia, I’m confused. I remained a virgin until the age of twenty-five, and this with the hope of giving me pure when I’d find true love, the man of my life. But when I thought he had arrived, that one, he gave me suffering. However, in consideration of my resignation, I would have deserved a little happiness; don’t you think? So why is life so unfair? Why do I have to suffer?
I remember that I asked her: «And in your opinion, who should compensate you?».
« I don’t know... the fate, or God; at least so they made me believe».
«And if God didn’t exist? Or, if he had other, more important to do? I’m talking about trifles, you know... like wars, massacres of Islamic terrorism, the children malnourished or sick, Ebola; or, take care of those in our country are accustomed to dishonesty, squandering and stealing public money, for example, corrupt politicians, cheaters, and so on» I pressed her.
The bewildered look, I remember she wondered, and asked: «Compared to what that of most tragic happens in the world, I understand that these fixations may seem frivolous; in every way, in your opinion, all the sacrifices that I have made... they would have been in vain?».
No, darling; because, by excluding God, on which I would not bet, to you always remains destiny. However, you must understand that it is not something that comes from who knows where, of permanent and immutable: fate is always a transient phenomenon, and it depends on our choices, do you know? And therefore, if for you is evident that now your destiny is I, my joy, well, we remove the butt from here, and we go my home to talk yet. And then, finished the words, we fuck among ourselves in joy, and this, up to burst; because the fate, as it is commonly understood, with you, it has nothing to do. In fact, to build it, it is only our will, and our desire to get us... beautiful pussy of my heart.
You know my darling, for good that it can go you have to consider that, with men, after having squeezed our tits and worked our pussy for a few minutes, all that ends in a flash. And this, as long that their cock becomes hard, of course; and since this is not at all obvious, besides to be enough to make a cat laugh, it forces us to make even the Red Cross nurse to console them for the poor showing. Unlike them, which, often, they not even show to know how it works, for example, a little thing called the clitoris, or the “G” point, the relationship between us women can be very long, pleasantly exhausting, and, therefore, the orgasm becomes something special. Moreover, since we don’t have their limits, not long after, we can start again, and then again, and so many other times. And since, as I often say to me, “No one knows have sex with me, better than me”, who better than a woman, in this case, I, her know how to give pleasure to another... namely, to you? You know, I always say it to my male friends: to seduce more and better, you should attend a master’s degree taught by an expert lesbian female; me, for example.
And now we return to the subject topical, honey. If you were to pull out of the question of the penis, that we women, fortunately, we have not, well, you should consider that all the pomposity that they have respect this unsightly prominence, often even very modest and limp, it is entirely unfounded. Think about it: of the prominences, we women have eleven... ten fingers and tongue, and therefore, compared to them, only one less; and not even I have reckoned with feet. It is a tiny thing, do you think? However, unlike men, we’ve much more imagination in using them... our skilful prominences; and if that does not give us a comfortable feeling of fullness in the penetration, since we’ve hands very minute, we can always use with gracefully, instead of the fingers alone, one of them entirely inside us.
See, treasure, in such a populated world that no longer has a great need for procreation, feel ourselves, and be, gay, or at least “bi”, in my opinion, is the act of greater solidarity and love for humanity. And also, it fulfills the wise, good, exhortation of Christ, who says, “Love your neighbor as if he were you”. In fact, by loving a person similar to you, with a body not so different from yours, it’s as if, in a metaphorical way, you love yourself; with the advantage, however, to enjoy the vibrations of another meat. And, as I said, there are many other benefits: thanks to the profound knowledge of the self, compared to your expectations and your psycho-physical reactions, who, more than one person of the same sex, has the sensitivity and wisdom to bring to enjoy the other? Provided that, in addition to the pussy lively even her brain is bustling, of course.
To come to us, love, and I don’t casually use the verb “to come”, which is a prelude to our desirable future in the very short term, have sex between women is always very, very pleasant. And, a thing no small matter, it is also reassuring: in fact, it does not entail any danger or anxiety to get pregnant, and not even the possible risks resulting from the assumption of various pills. Fuck among us it is sweet, deeply empathetic, and above all does not imply a relationship of prevarication or domination... as long as you don’t go with a bitchy who, convinced of being a male, she behaves as such. And this leads to the suspicion of how, in speaking of lesbian, you should never generalize because there are various types... those who, loving females, are happy to be such, like me, for example; and then of the others, with an enormous crisis of gender identity.
However, my joy, even in our case, unfortunately, not everything is always pleasant, since all that glitters is not gold: in fact, women can be very different between them. How much disturbs me those of us who, at any time, they use the trite phrase, “Do it, at the female”! And then, “A novel to the female”, “A meeting to...”, a “project to...”, and so on. Why not say clearer, “A novel written by a woman”; fuck! What the hell do you want to point out... that there are women who don’t seem such, and this, to the point that does you needed to specify? Frankly, to me, it seems a colossal bullshit; also, because it is ambiguous. In fact, said so, who writes “At the female” might as well be a man, don’t you think? Just to give an example, it may happen that, with a derogatory intent, it is said “Mario did a marathon at the female”, and this to specify that he played the race shaking his backside all the time. For consistency, even the gigolo should then be called “prostitute-male”, “whore-male”, “bitch-male”, and so on; don’t you think?
As for the suffering that, you say, you have received particularly by men, my treasure, you must realize that it is part of life: in any case, I know a way to convert that unpleasant into one that, instead, is very horny».
I did not explain to her what I alluded because I did not want her to be frightened. I made known the whip to her later, in receive and in giving, on when we became affectionate, habitual, friends of bed, with a high degree of confidence and intimacy, even intellectual, as well as sexual.
When, later, we were in a complete harmony, she confessed to me that her man scolded her for not being sexy enough. The thing surprised me greatly, because, besides being a big pussy, she was very sensual; and if to say this is a woman like me, very fussy, it must be true. In my more specific questions, she answered me that that guy had some erection difficulties, and then I realized even better about the reasons for the aggressiveness that showed towards the poor woman that I was screwing in spite of him with the aim to increase the size of his horns. I’m proud in saying this because I’m of the opinion that those who don’t deserve, they should not have it; or, better, they must, but nothing less, than that large horns that they have earned!
And in this regard, I must point out that to fuck with a married woman is a great advantage, as long as your husband does not come to know that you’re a lesbian, this is evident. In fact, in general, the friendship between women is not viewed with suspicion; you can stay together with great ease, and, with an eye to the time, also make longest the horns of her husband, having sex in his marriage bed. Which then, the thing may also become more fun if, after having fucked, you remain at his house until his return: stupid as he is, a thousand miles away from understanding what happens around him, it may happen that the idiot, in seeing you attractive and sensual, he begin to woo you, subtly, in front his wife; and it is clear how all this leads us to a complicity that has the effect of making bigger his horns with increased conviction, and this especially on the part of the wife.
I’m very proud of that, because, in loosening the psychic tensions of the wives thanks to the numerous, sublime fucked, I acknowledge to myself the merit of having saved several marriages.
Going back to that common impediment to many males... when their cock does not become hard, or they fail to maintain an erection long enough so to satisfy their female, there are some men who are looking for a scapegoat in order to build an alibi, blaming their women; and this is not uncommon, unfortunately. Such behavior is similar to what has happened in the past: when the cause of not having children, or not having had them males, it was attributed to women. Those men should instead consult an andrologist or a psychologist, right? But so it is, usually. On the other hand, poor men, at the bottom you have to understand them: compared to us, that, if we’re dry, just use saliva or lubricant, to them would serve the quick-setting cement, and then their job is increasingly arduous; and this, both in the fuck, that to keep alive their self-esteem.
Order to resume with my self-centeredness and talk about me, regard to things that in sex excite me more, well, yes, I confess: it is the scent of a woman! Sometimes it happens that some of my girlfriends, at her first homosexual experience, when we come to greater intimacy, in the beginning, she portrays. That’s what happened to me a few years ago with a girl thirty-year-old married that I had brought in my bed...
«No Gia, please, get out of there with your head! We use only the hands, come on».
«For smell; although he did not say it explicitly, my husband has made it clear to me that I have a strong unpleasant odor, and when he get the urge to... well, to eat my pussy, he pulls out the excuse that he likes to do it only in the shower, after the foam. In any case, I have understood, that the smell disgusts him; and that his is only a pathetic ploy. On the other hand, I understand this: in fact, not even I like his smell; and especially the taste of his sperm when he asks me to do him a blowjob swallowing that crap».
«My Joy! Like most men, your husband does not understand a fuck although the latter hangs down between his thighs. I want from you the grace to be accepted in your womb, my heart; do you not resist me! The more fragrant garden is calling my nostrils to fill my lungs, and my mouth to satiate me of the most exquisite nectar than ever, it has been given to me to savor.
And what about the bastard your husband, my love, if the desire to do it does not come from yourself, do you must not subject yourself to his sick cravings: even if you love him and are feeling in his flesh, you must assert yourself; you must rebel, or, with or without grace, you have to send him to fuck off because when you give them an inch, they’ll take a mile. It’s of men that we’re talking, and the leopard cannot change its spots! Do you understand that that is a sign of disrespect towards you? Spray the face of the own woman with the sperm, symbolically, equivalent to considering her someone of inferior and owned... from dirtying even in the soul. And the same thing is when he asks you to swallow his crap: at that time, but also after, you’re only a slave in his service, to be humiliated, and with which to do every dirty thing that steps for his dull brain».
Leaving aside the various, so many, love stories,  to go back to what I like to do, I have to recognize that, in general, I’m very satisfied thanks to my “mission” towards women, married and not; in fact, though certainly I do this for myself, to enjoy their lovely pussies, I say, I know that this is also useful for their well-being: after having passed through my bed and my loving whip, the women are rediscovering themselves, and they become people new, more secure of themselves. And, most importantly, they demonstrate that they understand what they want to be, namely, of the free women; and this, above all, by preconceptions, and even from men doers or, worse, overbearing and violent.
Since I have mentioned the lash, someone might get the impression that I’m a deviant, sadistic and perverted; indeed no. Since, in my novels, I don’t only inflict flogging but submit me to it, it is better to say that I would be a sadomasochist. To avoid misunderstandings, let me clarify what’s what...
Leaving aside my real life, which is a matter that does not interest, in my stories, readers will find, recurrently, the practice of a mild flogging, which sometimes becomes even more passionate; and this, in harmony with the impulse of the protagonists. I hope, and I’msure that my readers will show the perspicacity to realize that it is a metaphor. And so it is as well for the shameless “fluid effusions” that often appear, for so-called “golden showers”, and the “Pee-drink”, which are nothing that gimmicks to enrich the repertoire of erotic suggestion.
Regardless of the issue that it is the widespread para-erotic practices, of whose movies are full the porn web, in the case of my novels, this is also a metaphorical efficient invention to tell something that goes beyond the apparent story: the vocation to give herself and possessing each other, up to the extreme without any compromises; and this, beyond any reasonable limit which, in reality, would be wise ask yourself. In any case, about the S & M, it should be noted that although, in the novel it is an allegory, what is said it is not at all far-fetched; in fact, it is proven that through the pain, you can achieve high erotic euphoria. In reality, through the BDSM practices, such as flogging, the subject releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter linked to the sensation of pleasure and happiness, a concrete sign of an exalting sexual pleasure.
However, in my novels the meaning is found in what I have just said: it is pure invention. And it could not be otherwise, since, as I alert in the “Author’s Note”, to resist their repeated, loved tortures, the heroines of my stories should consist not of the flesh, but of titanium, or tungsten carbide. Since this is a novel that frequently goes up to a kind of Fanta-sex, it certainly does not lack of exaggerations. Such as, for example, the improbable fluid manifestations of sexual excitement of the female characters, so frequent and abundant, that, in real life, they concern only a limited number of women. Imaginary, it is also the African oasis to which I refer, that as lush as I described it could not exist.
In taking leave of you, I hope your imagination can go up high, and I wish you to live in gaiety an emotion that I hope will be serene and cathartic, as well stimulating.
Yours Gia.

[1] Bi, in common parlance, means bisexual.

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